Winter Skin Health

When we talk about winter, the first things that come to mind are the holidays and snow everywhere. But people who are particular with their skin health know that winter can wreak havoc with your skin. The low humidity and chilly weather can make your skin feel tight, dry, dehydrated, and reactive. Don’t worry though, we have some advice that will ensure your skin stays healthy and radiant this winter.

Regular Exercise And A Balanced Healthy Diet

It’s not just your body that should fight the cold and keep fit during winter; a healthy diet is imperative for wonderful winter skin health. Whereas exercise will boost your circulation, proper nutrients within your diet will help keep your skin full of the necessary ingredients which are vital for maintaining optimum skin health during this time of year. Cabbage, butternut squash, potatoes, brussel sprouts, onions, beetroots, carrots, turnips and parsnips are full of the necessary nutrients, and work wonderfully for helping your skin look great in the winter months. We also recommend the Advanced Nutrition Programme range of ‘oral skincare’ supplements – these high quality and sustainably sourced ingredients help to fill in the areas that your diet is lacking and keep your skin looking and feeling its best. 

Exfoliation And Steaming

It is important at any time, but especially during the winter month, to exfoliate regularly, as you will likely be using heavier creams to keep your skin hydrated.  We recommend a chemical exfoliant over a gritty one; we love Alumier MD Bright and Clear solution, which contains lactic acid to effectively remove dead skin cells, whilst causing no trauma to the healthy cells, leaving your skin fresh and radiant, unblocking pores, and giving you a healthy glow. 

Advice For Treating Your Skin During Winter For The Over 60’s

Older men and women must be even more careful looking after their skin during the colder winter months. This is because the skin is often thinner and more delicate through ageing, sun damage, and the environment. The first thing you should do is make sure you cleanse your face properly and not with soap. A mild cleanser is ideal as long as it is of the milky variety that does not produce suds; we recommend HydraBoost by AlumierMD. Suds show that a cream has detergent and will strip your skin. You should look for serums and creams that contain vitamin C and antioxidants to help your skin stay plumper and more radiant every day. Make sure you wear a minimum of SPF 40, yes even in winter, as it protects even through the cloudy days, from the UVA and UVB rays which damage your skin, causing wrinkles. So you don’t need to see a skin specialist but do take their advice on the best skin treatments to you at home if you are over 60.

Hydrate Your Skin And Lock It In

Winter can be tricky at times especially when it is about water intake. Due to the colder climate, our body is deceived to believe that we don’t need water. But lack of water causes severe cases of skin dehydration. Make sure you keep yourself well hydrated at all times for optimum winter skin health. Don’t wait for your body to tell you that it is thirsty before you get yourself a glass. Of course, no-one likes to be cold within their own house and so, despite the high energy bills, it is often a necessity to have the central heating on. This, in turn, draws out the water and nutrients from our skin and so it is another important reason to drink as much or even more than you may do in the summer. Your skin needs to hydrate to stay healthy so drink enough water and use hydration solutions like AlumierMD moisturisers, tailored to your own skin type. 

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