Non-Surgical NeoGen Vs. Surgical Eye Bag Treatment

Does the area around your eyes bother you – is it showing signs of skin laxity, looseness, sagging, or drooping? Annoyingly, these bags don’t get any better with sleep or changing your diet. However, the good news for those living under the shadow of eye bags is that this condition is treatable non-surgically with both NeoGen Nitrogen Plasma, and Fibroblast Plasma Pen. 

At Skin by Dr Caroline’s Advanced Skin and Aesthetics Clinic in Hertfordshire, we strive to boost your self-esteem and treat your skin concerns. We do this by offering the state of the art eyelid treatment which also goes a long way in treating eye bags.

We have 2 treatment options; NeoGen Plasma therapy, or the non-surgical Plasma Pen fibroblast treatment to achieve the desired level of eyelid lifting. We hope that with these treatment options, clients are able to avoid costly and traumatic eye surgery. 

Before choosing one treatment over the other for the removal of bags under the eyes, it is wise to get an understanding of what causes these bags.

What Causes Eye Bags ?

Research shows that several factors can lead to someone getting bags under the eyes. Either one or a combination of these factors can simultaneously give rise to the eye bags.

The most common cause for developing these unsightly bags under the eyes is the loss of fatty tissue in your upper cheeks. This fatty tissue just beneath the skin is present on the entire face. However, as you age, it begins to break down and shrink much faster in your cheeks than it does below the eyes. The uneven deflation of this tissue on the face leaves the eyes with protruding bulges of fat under the skin which are now the eye bags.

Eye bags can also result when the orbital ligament, a membrane holding fat below the eyes, weakens. This membrane can weaken naturally due to the ageing process and as it weakens the fat behind it bulges outward and presses against the skin leading to eye bags.

Besides these two causes, studies have shown that some can develop bags under the eyes because of a genetic disposition to store extra fat under the eye.

Non-Surgical Eye Bag Treatment Using Plasma Pen Fibroblast

The non-ablative blepharoplasty (removal of eye bag treatment) performed at our Hertfordshire clinic, does not involve the use of a scalpel or laser to tighten the loose skin, thus avoiding the risks of surgery. 

A typical treatment session lasts around 60 minutes. Depending on the severity of the loose skin around your eyes, our skin therapists will recommend the most appropriate number of treatment sessions, but usually 2-3 sessions are required, 16 weeks apart. 

Advantages of Plasma Pen 

  • No injectable anaesthetic required; only a topical numbing cream is applied around the eye.
  • No skin cutting or stitching required.
  • A low-risk treatment
  • Minimum side effects
  • Quick and uncomplicated procedure
  • There is no skin thinning, only skin tightening.
  • Downtime of 7-14 days, with dots left on the skin. Swelling for first 48 hours.

There are also a couple of non-surgical eyelid lifting procedures that do not involve surgery. These treatments include dermal fillers which are highly recommended for patients with deflated cheeks or loss of volume in the tear-trough region

After the Plasma Pen eye bag treatment for the removal of bags under the eyes, most patients can return to work immediately or the day after. You might experience a slight tenderness or swelling for the first week after the treatment, and the dots will remain on your skin for 10-14 days.

An alternative option for skin tightening is the NeoGen Plasma treatment. This nitrogen-gas powered therapy heats up the fibroblasts under the skin, causing huge but low grade trauma, and encouraging massive collagen formation. This in turn tightens the skin and improves fine lines, skin laxity, drooping eye lids, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and ageing skin. This medical grade technology is only available in doctor-lead clinics, and is billed as the ‘lunch time facelift’, made popular by Shirley Ballas. A course of 3 sessions, 28 days apart, is advised, with final results visible in 9 months, and effects lasting for 3-5 years. Minimal downtime (3-5 days, with only some redness and flaking) makes this treatment at the forefront of non-surgical options!

If you want to address eye bags, or any other skin concerns, book an appointment with us at our Skin by Dr Caroline advanced skin and aesthetics clinic and let our advanced skin therapists take care of you.

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