Should You Have Skin Treatments During Pregnancy?

Skincare Treatments During Pregnancy at Skin by Dr Caroline in Hertfordshire

Visiting our local skin clinic near Potters Bar in Hertfordshire can make a world of difference. It’s important to take time to discuss your pregnancy skincare regime with a professionally trained skin therapist at Skin by Dr Caroline. If your skin has changed through pregnancy, then maybe it’s time for some skincare advice. You might want to indulge yourself in a regular facial to help draw out impurities but keep your skin well-nourished. 

Post-Pregnancy Beauty Treatments

Of course, pregnancy beauty doesn’t end when you give birth. Those first few weeks and months are always hectic because you’ve just welcomed a new life into your home. Adjusting to a new routine and devoting most of your time to a little one means you don’t have as much time for yourself, but it’s important to make time for being a new mum. A bespoke, tailor-made facial, purely for your new skin type, will clear, brighten, refresh, and totally rejuvenate your skin. Remember you will have experienced huge hormone changes, and a lack of sleep, and this can affect your skin’s health, making it more sensitive or reactive, and often more dry and irritated.

One thing to remember – prior to commencing any medical grade facials, or other treatment such as laser hair removal, it is important that your periods have returned to normal – this is a good indicator of your hormone balance returning, meaning that you are less susceptible to hyperpigmentation, or adverse reactions to medical grade treatment 

For all your pregnancy and post-pregnancy skin needs in Hatfield and beyond, contact our award-winning Skin and Aesthetics clinic Skin by Dr Caroline on 01707 662477. We are open 6 days a week, including Saturdays and evenings!

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